Saturday, May 17, 2008


Kotobian Tadau Tagayo Do Kaamatan Kumaa Toinsanan...Aramaii Tiee!!

What is Kaamatan?

A beautiful country is Sabah Malaysia, land below the wind, land of biodiversity, natural beauty, peace and tranquility, and home of some of the world’s most vibrant and colorful indigenous peoples: the multi-ethnic Kadazandusuns, the Muruts, the Rungus and the Bajaus, who are otherwise known as "the cowboys of the Orient’.

Though many of Sabah’s indigenous peoples have now ventured into the modern way of life and moved to the cities to pursue modern careers, a sizeable number of them still live their ancestral way of life, conscious of their traditional worldviews and practicing their customary laws known as "Adats and Pantangs".

The Kadazandusuns in particular still have their Priests and Priestesses called Bobolians. They are the authorities on the socio-spiritual and communal life of the Kadazandusuns: the intermediaries between humans and divinities, healers and performers of cultural rites and ceremonies of the human life stations such as birth, marriage, sickness, death and life beyond this world.

In the field of agronomy, they are the guardians of the life cycle of the Kadazandusun staple crop - paddy, and keepers and propagators of various other multi-purpose plants and food resources.

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